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Create a multilingual WordPress website with WPML

Create a multilingual WordPress website with WPML

According to a survey conducted in 2014, it was shown that the non-English downloads of WordPress has outgrown the English language downloads. Andrew Nacin, a core WordPress developer, mentioned at WordCamp in Seattle that only 5-10% of the world population use English as their primary language, it certainly means that the time is not far off when the languages like Spanish and Mandarin dominate WordPress installations.

WordPress allows you to use a bunch of well-configured plugins to create a website with n number of languages with no extra cost. Using a multilingual plugin, the webmasters allow their authors write content in a variety of languages and translate it if necessary. Depending on the plugin you use, you also get an access to advanced features for professional content translation and translation management.

Features of WPML Plugin:

  • Available in both multilingual blog and multilingual CMS versions
  • WPML lets you choose all the required languages and begin translating in minutes.
  • It allows you to choose from 40 different languages
  • Equipped with a language editor that allows you to add your own language variant such as Mexican Spanish or Canadian French.
  • Integrated with the state-of-the-art translation management
  • Also lets you connect your translation management with a translation service of your choice
  • Sends notification emails, offers a translation management interface and a jobs queue.
  • Provides reliable support

Source: How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Website with WPML